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TIMEWARP MUSIC: Free Downloads (2013)

The Greeks! Like the Romans or something? Bit before? Bit further east? But what have they ever given us? Well apart from democracy, Pythagoras and freedom from a million-strong Persian army commanded by a colossal pervert there’s this lot of free downloads from Athens-based nu-funky breaks label Timewarp Music – home to Timewarp Inc., AfroQBen, Funky Destination, Auditors Domination, Mr Gagun and Sr De Funk, among others. All the above-named appear on this 8-strong free drop from the label to say thanks to their fans for all the support – nufunk, bossa-breaks, downtempo, nu-disco – it’s all there – they even say, “we don’t ask for any likes or follows! We just wanna thank you all with pure quality downloads for you listening pleasures and only with direct links!” But you’re well brought up and polite aren’t you? So if you download – show some love. This one’s all about Sr De Funk funky latin ghetto-bossa of Shake On Me. DL links and players below…

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  1. hey music friends, great stuff ! send u my fresh dj girl support !!!! great groove !!!!

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