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TIMEWARP INC: Tropicaliente EP (2017)

TIMEWARP INC:  Tropicaliente EPTimewarp Inc. (a.k.a. Timewarp Music’s head honcho Angelos Stoumpos) takes a well-deserved break from producing and putting out other people’s music with the Tropicaliente EP in order to put out some of his own. The opener and title track works up some latin-reggae heat with French language vocals from sometime Basement Freaks singer Georges Perin after which Reggae On Dope (is there any other kind?) takes the latin-reggae up a notch with a sultry uptempo latin dancehall skank. Dub In Disco melds a four-to-the-floor beat with echoey atmospherics as the title suggests and incorporates the skills of flautist Tasos Fotiou while the whole package is rounded off with an instro of the title cut. Sizzling.

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