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TIMEWARP INC: Funky Bob Timbales b/w Cinemafilm (Vinyl 7″)

TIMEWARP INC:  Funky Bob Timbales b/w Cinemafilm (Vinyl 7The resurgence of the 45 format continues with no sign of a market awash with old 45 reissues, first time-on-45 reissues, new originals and new booties drying out any time soon. On this drop, Timewarp Inc. digs deep into the back catalogue for a 45 reissue of a brace of eleven year old tracks that previously saw light of day in seven inch format a full decade ago. Funky Bob Timbales combines the timbales of the title with squalling funk guitar and horns for a 70s-style dancefloor cut that manages to nod almost as equally to classic State-side funk and afro-funk as it does to more central and southern American influences. The much faster flip, Cinemafilm, draws on similar influences though there’s a clear Blaxploitation ‘chase’ theme bias in the weighting.
(Out now on Timewarp Music)

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