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TIMEWARP INC: Discogirls

TIMEWARP INC:  DiscogirlsTimewarp Inc. with a new single called Discogirls? I think we all know where this one’s going and who with, right? The ladies? The dancefloor? That’s a double ‘yes,’ as Angelos Stoumpos, the main man at the Timewarp Music label drops neo-disco delights. Oops sorry – my bad – ‘nu’ disco delights. Of course, being a generous type, Mr S makes sure you get more than one version of the track he’s been bumping by way of a set-slayer for the last year. There’s the Discofunk version for straight up four-to-the-floor thrills (all instruments played by the man himself!) and then he takes you higher with the initially dubbier but latterly more cosmic Spacedisco take featuring additional guitar licks from Al The X King.
(Out 30 March on Timewarp Music)

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