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THIEVERY CORPORATION feat. MR LIF: Unified Tribes (2011) video

It’s all about the funky fat horns and rhymes here as chilled Stateside combo Thievery Corporation team up with Boston rapper Mr Lif to deliver some mellow ire against the thievery of corporations. Yes, Unified Tribes is all about standing firm in the face of the man with a video focussing on the Occupy movement in DC. All very timely in a week when over in the UK the tax office is alleged to have let big business off its tax bill to the tune of 25bn. Still that’s all a bit tired now isn’t it, blaming big business and the banks and government for worldwide recession – let’s all accept we have to tighten our belts and just move on. Actually, no. Let’s fucking not. They spunked it through their own greed and incompetence – let’s keep hammering at the bastards to pay up. Cunts. Stand firm Occupy people!

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