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THE WORLDSTYLERS: The Blues Boutique (2013)

Oohh – marmite release. Forthcoming drop The Blues Boutique by The Worldstylers (a.k.a Savages Y Suefo) on the Timewarp label taps into the rise and rise of electro blues and delivers two tracks each remixed a number of times. On the one hand there’s the house-influenced Put It Right There which made me want gnaw my arm off a little bit. On the other hand there’s the bumping Niles Phillips hammond groove version of Gimme One More which made me pump my arm in the air. It’s also one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a month and it nearly made me forget that Michael Gove is a complete cunt. The head nod original and ghetto funky Ordiman re-version are pretty good too. In fact if this track had been a single – it would have been the full monkey five stars. But alas it isn’t. And Michael Gove is a complete cunt. The Niles Phillips’ cut is the second to last on the preview audio below. Go on – you know you want to…
(Out 16 September on Timewarp)

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