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THE SOUL SNATCHERS: Scratch My Itch (2011) Album release details

Many are those who attempt to recreate that original funky soul sound but there are few who actually manage it as well as The Soul Snatchers whose new LP Scratch My Itch is released in February. The official video preview and the soundcloud snippets of the new one (see below) would suggest you can expect plenty of ‘huh’, quite a lot of ‘uhh’ and a bit of ‘get down!’ along with fat horns, wah-wah chops and big breaks. Anyone who’s heard their track People People (see Brucie bonus vid below) with Holland’s answer to James Brown, Jimi Bell Martin, off first LP Sniffin’ And Snatchin’ will know exactly what I’m talking about. Itch and a scratch? Scratch and a itch!
(Out February on Unique Records)

The Soul Snatchers – Scratch My Itch by The Soul Snatchers

03 Now That You’ve Got It – The Soul Snatchers by The Soul Snatchers

Finally it’s time to announce the long awaited second full album by the band: Scratch My Itch. The album will be released in February 2012 on Unique Records (Germany).
The album is once again a feast for the listener containing lots of 70’s funk grooves, soulful vocals, powerful horns and a grindin’ Hammond organ, this all served with some ‘swampy’ New Orleans flavor. You will have yourself an album which brings you the best of The Soul Snatchers. Check out the trailer already on the frontpage of this website to get a sneak preview!

Real Soul Music never dies. That’s what the insatiable musicians of the Dutch band The Soul Snatchers prove every time they treat a swinging crowd to their timeless, down to earth funk and soul tunes, that find their roots in the sexy Sixties and Seventies of the 20th century. Taking pure Soul Music right across the bridge into the new century, The Soul Snatchers combine unknown classics and original compositions into a show that not only appeals to connoisseurs, but just as well to bigger, more mainstream-oriented audiences. The Soul Snatchers don’t claim to have invented Soul Music. Neither do they pretend to re-invent it. They… just HAVE it! And they LOVE to share it with Rhythm & Blues-lovers in every corner of the globe. Founded rock solid on the well oiled rhythm section of clean drums and thumping bass, the dangerously growling Hammond organ and the reverbing guitar sounds find their way to your soul blindly. Add to that the threeheaded copper section The Dynamite Horns, the charismatic performances of singer Curtis T. and special guest vocalist Jimi Bell Martin… and all ingredients for a real Soul Party are present.

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