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THE SLINGSHOTS: Break Out!‘Is This Soul?’ Barcelona’s The Slingshots asked on their 2014 debut LP and the answer from the monkey was a very much an affirmative. Fast forward eight or so years and they’ve just dropped their latest release – four-tracker Break Out! on which you’ll be happy to hear that the soul is still very much in effect. The first half kicks off with Got My Own Time – a lilting uptempo affair with prominent keys and horns underpinning a self-affirmatory lyric followed by the slower, more smouldering funk of Me, I’m Fine.  In the second half, Just A Classic Guy is a horns-led stomper about a guy who’s running out of patience (or is he – that half-time bridge suggests otherwise) with a lover who can’t decide between him and someone else while the instrumental Chasing Marcus sets a blistering chase-theme pace for the closer – a sequel of sorts to Chasing Paquito off their first album. Break Out! is the first of two EPs recorded by the band during the pandemic.
(Out now HERE)

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