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THE RAYVELLES: Tumblin’ Down (Vinyl 7″) Nothing But Reasons (Vinyl 7″)

Enter The Rayvelles, house band of London’ Echo Ray Studio, with not one but two 45s just out on Funk Night Records and every chance of causing a stir on the contemporary funk and soul scene. Both 7″s feature one soulful vocal A-side and one instrumental B-side apiece and on Nothing But Reasons it’s all about a wistful lyrical female vocal turn as the singer reflects on a relationship under strain. Hmm, that voice is familiar too right, where have you heard it before? Nope, the monkey ain’t telling, let’s see if you can work it out. Meanwhile the B-side features the chugging late night funk of Suns Of Marvin which pits stanky guitar and drums against the smokey jazz club cool of a xylophone. On Tumblin’ Down, the vocal side is even better than on the other single with that naggingly familiar singer offering love and comfort over a sweet sweet soul groove while the monkey’s preferred B-side of the two singles is also this one – the noirish psych-funk of Return Of Soul Sabre. If you dig this, the EP is also out and a full-length LP is promised next year.
(Out now on Funk Night US)

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