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THE QUALITONS: Rolling The Bones/ Fulcimpa 7″ (2012)

More-or-less the sonic love-child of Big Boss Man and The New Mastersounds, The Qualitons released a rather good LP of mod-funk and mod-rnb back in 2010 called Panoramic Tymes. New single and hectic funk workout Rolling The Bones features guest singer Andy Hefler who equivocates about gambling as a pastime, on the one hand sounding a note of caution (“Before you throw the dice/ You better think twice”) while fatalistically reflecting (“but a man has to gamble”) that half of humanity is biologically programmed to flip the bird at anyone sounding a note of caution about gambling. What to do? Perhaps a relaxing listen to the flip’s trippy psych-jazz-funk instro Fulcimpa which googletranslate suggests, for the more curious among you, is Hungarian for ‘earlobe.’ You’ll have to make do with the juno player for now though since there doesn’t appear to be any soundcloud/ bandcamp or similar audio…
(Out now on Tramp Records)

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