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THE QUALITONS: ‘Panoramic Tymes’ LP details + tracklist

The content leans a little more to psych rock at times but this mix of sixties modbeat, Hammond funk, and funky/ garagey psychedelia from Hungary’s The Qualitons might seem more than a little familiar to fans of the UK’s Big Boss Man. Not that there’s any harm in that you understand since Big Boss Man rule, but you might injure yourself trying to pronounce the names of those tracks which are Magyar. At least, I’m assuming they’re Magyar – the online translating device I found was less than illuminating with “word/phrase not in dictionary,” turning up a lot. Maybe they’re slang titles. Or names. Or just not Magyar. Anyway – Hungary’s got (mod) soul. Who knew? A more than respectable debut. Chek!

Press guff and tracklists for vinyl and download/ cd below links…
(Out 20 September on Tramp Germany)
Listen to The Qualitons – Panoramic Tymes
The Qualitons – Myspace
(PRESS RELEASE) The story of The Qualitons began in 2007 when DJ/producer Kanada Kaosz was invited to DJ at the Berlin Soul Ascension Festival (SAF). When he saw some of the greatest funk/soul/beat bands playing at the SAF (inc The Soul Investigators, Afrobeat Academy, Whitefield Brothers) he went back to Budapest inspired to organize such a band in Hungary. He went to dozens of concerts to hand-pick musicians for this project.

The band were named after the living memory of the former Hungarian Recording Company “Qualiton” – a record label which existed from the late 50s up to the 70s. At first the band’s repertoire consisted of cover versions from rare Hungarian 7″ singles but soon started to write their own songs. They released two 7″ singles on Munich’s Tramp Records and were featured on the label compilation “Contemporary Funk”.

The Qualitons’ first big break through came when Kaosz produced shows with the veteran Hungarian soul-rock singer Kati Kovacs. They rehearsed her best songs and went on tour around Hungary. This brought a great deal of attention from the Hungarian media, as this was dubbed by them as “The Comeback of Kati Kovacs”. The strength behind Kati’s big comeback was, of course, The Qualitons!

Recently legendary Japanese DJ Muro placed “Mellbimbo” by The Qualitons right at the beginning of his Afro-Funk mixtape Super Afro Funky Breaks. Furthermore in May this year Gil-Scott Heron and his band shared stage with The Qualitons at the Mediawave festival in Szombathely, Hungary. Heron and the guys enjoyed themselves so much that they congratulated The Qualitons personally for their authentic music and great performance.

The Qualitons – Panoramic Tymes – tracklist digital
01. C’mon Baby Get Heavy With Me (vocal)
02. Overdose
03. Ejjel A Sotetben (vocal)
04. Bodzarella
05. Wandering Will (vocal)
06. One Man Song *
07. A.C. Blues
08. Kekfeny
09. Slowman *
10. Kulmi ¨
11. Mellbimbo
12. More Plutonium
13. Aua

The Qualitons – Panoramic Tymes – tracklist vinyl
1. C’mon Baby
2. Overdose
3. Ejjel A Sotetben
4. AC Blues
5. Soul Bowl/Kekfeny
6. Bodzarella
7. Wandering Will
8. Mellbimbo
9. More Plutonium
10. Aua

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