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THE OFFLINE: Le Motard (Video)

The current single from soundtrack afficionado The Offline, is this one – Le Motard. That’ll be ‘the motorcylist’ then for those not conversant in Français and is the final single to be lifted from our man’s debut LP, La Couleur De La Mer. The PR identifies Khruangbin and DOOM as the two biggest influences behind this one’s summery, jazzy psychedelia and it now comes with a suitably summery video. Well, the sun’s shining in it at any rate as the eponymous motorcyclist – or more accurately, 70s moped rider – befriends a fish. I say ‘befriends a fish’ – we open in medias res with out rider careering down some country track clutching a goldfish in a plastic bag full of water like a teenager who’s just robbed a fairground stall. A leaking bag necessitates abandoning the moped (he could probably run faster anyway) and plunging through a swamp before emerging in sand dunes, avoiding two random blokes eating a very French looking lunch and finally liberating the fish. By which I mean hurling the bastard, bag and all, into some natural water source in a manner likely to cause death by concussion even for a fully grown salmon. Lucky it was plastic after all then, right? And we’re still none the wiser about anything.
(Out now on Root Records)

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