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THE MOUSE OUTFIT feat. ONEONLY: Sunrise (Vinyl 7″)

THE MOUSE OUTFIT feat. ONEONLY:  Sunrise Looks like a first for Mouse Outfit then what with them having a 45 out courtesy of Little Beat More Records – oh and it’s called Sunrise. Sunrise!? Chance would be a fine thing! Maybe they’re not chatting about the weather though, “I can make the sunrise/ If you want it I can really make the sunshine baby.” Er – go on then – haven’t seen the sun around here for months. Less of the ‘baby’ though. “Keep on going all night/ We can keep on going till we see the sunlight.” Yeah – look – OneOnly is it? Anyway, it’ll be a long bloody wait, the last time I saw the sun, I was in short trousers. Oh – you weren’t addressing the monkey – well you were looking right at the camera on the video! Also, tinkly Rhodes piano? Got raindrops written all over that sound. What? Oh – no thanks mate, smoking’s bad for your gums – you carry on though.
(Out now on Little Beat More)

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