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THE MICROPHONE MISFITZ: Empty Ballot (2016) Official video

ot Microphone MisfitzChicago’s Microphone Misfitz vent their ire at America’s two-party electoral system with video and new track Empty Ballot. As the title suggests, they are not especially convinced that their votes make a difference and as they point out – even if they do make a difference, voting for the lesser evil of the two parties is – er – still voting for evil. Bad times. They don’t actually go the full ‘Russell Brand’ and advise punters not to vote however though it’s pretty clear they won’t be putting any crosses in boxes themselves. Still, if you are going to stick it to the man about his shitty voting system, it’s always worth doing it to phat drums and funky samples. Empty Ballot features on current LP Escape From Babylon Volume II – file next to The Perceptionists. Check vid. below…

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