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THE METERS/ WATTS 103RD ST RHYTHM BAND: Simple Song/ Giggin’ Down 103rd (Vinyl 7″)

[RATING: 5] If you were to pick a pair of all-time stanky slabs of instrumental funk to re-issue on vinyl you’d have to go a long way to find better than the two selected by Matasuna Records for this release. Incredibly, it’s a first time on 45 release for the A-side, The Meters’ monster New Orleans funkstrumental version of Sly Stone classic Sing A Simple Song entitled – er – simply, Simple Song on their debut self-titled LP. A killer guitar riff, a super heavy drumbreak and organ licks make this version arguably not just the best funk cover ever but one of the best funk tracks ever dropped. Going up against that would be a tough gig for any band but the label have managed to get their hands on another guitar-led heavyweight instrumental funk track in the form of chugger Giggin’ Down 103rd by Charles Wright’s backing band The 103rd Street Watts Rhythm Band. All of which should be yelling ‘essential release’ at you. Hell – they’ve even been re-mastered for the best possible sound   Lordy!  This will probably never leave the box!
(Out 30 April on Matasuna Records)

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