THE IRONSIDES:  SommerProving that it’s not just singer Kelly Finnigan who has other irons in the fire, another member of Monophonics, Max Ramey, has side project – er – The Ironsides going on, with brother Joe and their latest single is Sommer. Opening amid a swirl of FX and woozy psychedelic horns, things soon give way to cinematic soul – all funky drum breaks, guitars, smouldering organs and yet more horns for the full ‘cruising the Big Sur coast at sunset’ vibe. The track is actually a cover of a 1973 obscurity by Stig & Steen and is part of Colemine Records’ summer-long weekly single series ‘Brighter Days Ahead.’ Well you’d certainly hope so wouldn’t you, given that things are currently rather more ‘Midsommar’ than ‘Sommer.’
(Out now on Colemine Records)

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