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THE GRITS: Black Sambuca (2012)

Brighton funk crew The Grits continue to broaden their horizons with new single Black Sambuca. Earlier this year they employed their first vocalist for the storming double header of Sonics cover Strychnine backed with Funky Mile. This time around it’s a sitar funk instrumental. And not just any old sitar funk instrumental but one named for the most evil alcoholic beverage known to man. Black Sambuca (the drink) is black by name, nearly black in colour and malevolent in its very nature. It all starts off innocently enough, but then the writhing begins and that queasy feeling is in your head much longer than you thought it would be. A bit like this. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Digital only at the minute but 2 new Grits wax cuts are on the way, I’m reliably informed.
(Out now on Hamhock Records)

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