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THE GRIPS: Tennessee Strut/ Fancy Roll (2013)

It’s re-press time for the first ever release from retro southern funky soul label G.E.D. Soul which means that the Tennessee Strut/ Fancy Roll 45 by The Grips (an early incarnation of G.E.D. Soul’s house band DeRobert & The Half Truths) gets to see the light of day once more. Sounding decades older than their mere six years, both tracks bowl along driven by crashing percussion and the sort of bass sound that The Meters nailed for Cardova. Tennessee Strut also employs relentless wah-wah and DeRobert Adams plugging away with a vocal hook in the background while Fancy Roll rolls out some heavy sax weaponry. Either or both of which may encourage you to bump the funk at an anti-social volume…

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