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THE GETUP: What If?/ Ooh Ooh (2014)

What If  Ooh Ooh The GetupThe Getup provide a chugging, if acid-jazz-flavoured, female vocal-led funk workout here on A-side What If? and a hectic JTQ-ish hammond bash on the flip. As long-time readers might imagine, Monkeyboxing taxi driver ‘Jazzy’ Dave was in raptures when he heard this. Unusually though, so was MB tea lady Loretta May Drew! Just messin’ with you. Loretta told me to tell everyone she was ‘unavailable for comment’ although this was blatantly a lie as she was making a brew well within earshot while this was on the MB stereo and kissing her teeth the whole time. The band’s ‘Difficult third’ album Straight From The Hob will be out in April apparently also, like this single, on b-boy friendly label Breakin Bread.
(Out now on Breakin Bread)

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