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THE FONTANELLES: Pinprick/Criminality (2013)

What happens to a highly skilled twelve piece afro funk band put together for the Fela Kuti musical when the musical has run its course? They get signed by First Word Records of course. I can imagine the conversation now…
“So what are this lot going to call themselves then?”
“They decided they were going to be called The Fontanelles!”
“‘The Fontanelles’!? You’re shitting me? They’ve named themselves after the soft bit on a baby’s head where all the bones join together?”
“Never mind – what’s this
Pinprick/ Criminality single like?”
“Pretty sweet – kind of like afrobeat-tinged instrumental b-boy funky breaks – listen.”
“Yeah, alright that is pretty good. Sign them. The Fontanelles! Christ…”

(Out now on First Word Records)

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