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Cold Case is the second single off The Fantastics most recent LP All The People and, like its predecessor, also features Sulene Fleming (no relation to Bob) on vocals. Undecided whether to get their blues or jazz on they go large and do both here with decidedly twangy roadhouse A side Cold Case and the very saxy speed jazz B side (and live favourite) Fat Hector. Monkeyboxing taxi driver ‘jazzy’ Dave said he was really ‘feeling it’ – especially the B side. I told him he was on shaky ground here as he was supposed to like the A side more but there’s no reasoning with some people and taxi drivers in particular – especially when the meter’s running.
(Out 14 November on Freestyle)

The Fantastics! have established a reputation for their wide ranging musical influences and genre defying recordings and live performances. The recent album All The People won plaudits from all and sundry for its musical open-mindedness, and especially for the vocal contributions from Sulene Fleming. The a side of this juicy 45/download, Cold Case features Sulenes outstanding, wonderful and quirky vocal performance, as the band display a distinct blues influence with a swampy, southern soul feel. The track builds to an incredible crescendo as Ms Fleming shows just what she can do, with style personality and substance! The flipside, Fat Hector is a hard grooving soul-jazz instrumental with tough R&B overtones and features a classic organ & tenor sax workout extraordinaire. A favourite of The Fantastics! live shows, this recording sees the light of day for the first time, and is totally exclusive to this brand new 45!

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