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THE DIASONICS: Gurami/ Gradient (Vinyl 7″)

THE DIASONICS:  GuramiFor those who thought the only funk coming out of Russia was The Soul Surfers, meet Moscow’s The Diasonics, the new signing to Milan-based label Record Kicks and proponents of what the band call ‘Hussar Funk’. That’ll be a blend of their favourite cinematic soul, eastern European and psychedelic influences over a fine selection of heavy breakbeats then. A-side Gurami is the one with crunchy drums while flip Gradient is both a mellower and looser-limbed affair though both are drenched in lashings of funky guitar psychdelia. Turns out that despite only forming two years ago, the youthful band have already amassed ten previous singles. This one however is the prelude to their debut long player (which drops early next year), Origin Of Forms recorded on an 8-channel Japanese Otari MX-5050 MK III tape machine at the Magnetone Studio in Moscow and mixed by The Cactus Channel and Karate Boogaloo’s Henry Jenkins in Melbourne.
(Out 26 November on Record Kicks)

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