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THE DELEGATORS: It Ain’t Love/ I Don’t Mind (2014)

It Ain't Love I Don't Mind Delegators[RATING: 5] I’d be surprised if there’s anything other than a guaranteed steady-as-a-rock sales return from The Delegators‘ brand of classic rocksteady and this new 45 is no exception. The release of break-up anthem It Ain’t Love and its flip, the uptempo loved-up I Don’t Mind is made all the more poignant however by the fact that the band have actually split up recently. With a spot-on feel for boss reggae and a world class singer in the form of super-soul songstress Janet Kumah this event is, not to put too fine a point on it, a sad loss. Get yourself a bit of delegation for the nation while you still can…
(Out now on Brainlab Groove)

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