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THE BREAKBEAT JUNKIE & DJP: Represent The Style (2013)

The Breakbeat Junkie and DJP hook up again, this time on BBP, to release Represent The Style and the style they seem to be representing is cocaine-dusted mirrorball nights. The title track finds the pair of them re-working Lil Kim in a Paradise Garage stylee, then DJP has a louche disco tango with Princess Superstar before the Breakbeat Junkie uses 4EverFresh sample, “We created rap cause I never dug disco,” on Never Dug Disco which makes him a big fat liar since this is the most Studio 54 of the lot. The package closes with my favourite as the Breakbeat Junkie works it with Slim Goodgroove on Dance Yet funking up a well-known lyrical hook which enquires, “if you haven’t danced yet what the fuck did you come for” after instructing the ladies to, “shake that ass and bounce those tits girl/ if you came to party.” Well, quite.
(Out now on Breakbeat Paradise)

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