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THE BEATNUTS feat. BIG PUN & CUBAN LINX: Off The Books (Maars Reggae Refix)(2013) Free download

[RATING: 5] Boooom! Off The Books? Off the hook more like! Between ‘official’ reggae/ hip-hop booty releases, mad man Maars likes nothing better than to release completely unofficial reggae/hip-hop booty releases. Like this massive rework of The Beatnuts’ Big Pun and Cuban Linx featuring Off The Books. In the original (and indeed in this) Psycho Les, Juju and pals discussed making money ‘off the books’i.e. money of dubious legal provenance, probably laundered and certainly untaxed. You know – the sort of thing that organised crime and Tory party donors often seem to be involved in. Thus there is a certain pleasure to be derived from the fact that this is out there for everyone for free. This is definitely going to be in my next set…

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