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THE BEATLES VS. HIP-HOP LEGENDS: ‘An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space’ (2015) VINYL double album

Pepperland vinyl[RATING: 5] Earlier this year a singularity occurred in the universe of mash-up albums with the manifestation of an absolute behemoth of the genre entitled The Beatles Vs. Hip-Hop Legends: An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space. It bore all the hallmarks of a certain producer and was every bit the epic psychedelic boom-bap adventure that the title would lead you to believe. Of course, the interweb positively hummed with activity as anyone with a pulse availed themselves of this epic free entity. Having downloaded and mentally imbibed the vibes, many listeners thought patterns then, almost in concert (Ithankyou – no pun intended), focussed on one particular notion – what if…and yes, alright, it’s 2015, the digital era and all that…but what if…this were available…on VINYL? Now’s your chance to find out…HERE

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