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THE BAS LEXTER ENSAMPLE: Resense 034 (2013)

[RATING: 5] On which Bas Lexter mashes up reggae, crunk and latin with all the swagger of a party breaks conqueror. As well he might since this is the main shit. I’ve dropped opener – skankin’ Ying Yang Twins bootleg Kilburn Soulshaker – twice in two nights to an ecstatic reception – especially from the ladies, who it appears, far from being put off by such lyrics as, “She’s leaking/ She’s soaking wet,”seem hellbent on grinding like lapdancers. The crunk acapellas then continue on next track, Jivin Num Num, which is essentially Lil Jon powered by a slowed-down, beefed-up Henry Mancini sample. This in turn, is succeeded by an assortment of no fewer than six latin-influenced breaks cuts including one which makes inspired use of a Quad City DJs’ vocal. Eight tracks? That’ll be a twelve inch then? Such is Resense 34, ladies and gentlemen of the decks. And if you can’t find something on this to turn the party out, I believe there is no helping you…

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