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THE ALLERGIES: Why You Buggin’ (feat. ANDY COOPER)/ Downtime (ALLERGIES remix )

THE ALLERGIES: Why You Buggin' (feat. ANDY COOPER)/ Downtime (ALLERGIES remix )How’s this for a payload? Bombstrikes returning to wax with Andy Cooper feat. The Allergies and their Run DMC cover Why You Buggin’ on the A-side and an Allergies remix of Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon’s Downtime on the flip. I know! Apart from that Boca 45/ Mohawestra special a couple of years ago, I don’t think Bombstrikes have messed with vinyl for the best part of a decade. Why You Buggin’ is of course a cover of Run DMC’s Monkees-sampling Mary Mary in a tribute to the Hollis legends while The Allergies’ Downtime remix finds them replacing Pete Cannon’s highly serviceable Cream-sampling beat with something a lil more funky that’ll remove all trouble from your mind. Double dope donut!
(Out 24 January on Bombstrikes)

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