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THE ALLERGIES: The Pick Up Line (2012) Free download + video

Some blogs relentlessly patrol soundcloud posting up dope shit the instant it comes out right at the bleeding edge of cool like some kind of internet special forces squad. Others’ approach posting like a man after a three day vodka binge – fumbling around all bleary-eyed, scratching facial stubble while stumbling over underpants which they might have been pulling up or, equally likely, taking down. If only they could remember. Never one to be pigeonholed, the monkey likes to vacillate erratically between these two extremes. In this instance though it’s the latter. Typical really as this is the monkey’s favourite from The Allergies (DJs Moneyshot and Rackabeat) so far. That’ll be the The Pick Up Line then, a cut and paste troop through old school hip-hop with a focus on chatting to the ladies. Genius. And it’s free. Props to my Dutch connect for the heads up over a week ago. Video below audio.

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