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THE ALLERGIES: Love Somebody/ Promised Land (Vinyl 7″)

[RATING: 5] The title track to The Allergies’ forthcoming fifth studio LP Promised Land was unleashed as a digital cut in July and if, back then, you wondered ‘Why no wax?’ then, perhaps it’s because it now finds it’s way onto the B-side of the new Allergies 45 Love Somebody. As previously noted in greater detail, Promised Land is a dope gospel-ish style breakbeat number a la Moby’s Play LP so it really only remains to comment on A-side Love Somebody which serves up a massive crowd-pleasing slice of Nawlins funk-sampling Allergies party breakbeat.  Oh dear me, yes!  Love is good when you love somebody? Maybe – but the dance is good when you energize everybody.  LP Promised Land follows shortly.
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)
TEXT COPYRIGHT: Stone Monkey/ (2021)

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