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THE ALLERGIES: Commanding 45s Mixtape – Free download

THE ALLERGIES: Commanding 45s MixtapeI don’t know, though I have been told, an Allergies mix is…
UNBELIEVABLE! Get on that dancefloor and throw some shapes private or I’ll stick my boot so far up your ass the sweat from my knee will save you going to the bar!
Ulp, blimey its Commanding 45s, the new mixtape idea The Allergies’ thought of while driving to a gig to mix up 45s that all contained titles with…
ORDERS are to report to the dancefloor so get your sorry ass on it! If I wanted to hear you squeal I’d have kicked you in the nutsack!
Sir yessir! Is there time to say that coming up in March and April The Allergies have a string of DJ gig dates coming up that numbers approximately…
NINE! Drop and give me nine one-handed pushups!
Ha – nine one-handed pushups?! I think I can manage…
NINE hundred one-handed pushups dickwad! I’ve changed my mind. Don’t mess with the bull son; you’ll get the horns!
Cop the mix HERE, tour dates HERE, tracklist below.

The Allergies – Commanding 45s – TRACKLIST:
DJ JS1 feat. OC – Turn The Tables (Acc)
Kenny Dope – Get On Down
Craig Mack – Get Down
Red Astaire – Follow Me
DJ Shepdog – Spread Love
Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise
Nickodemus – Gimme The Music
Lack of Afro – Turn It Up A Notch
House of Pain – Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)
The Whooliganz – Put Your Handz Up
Leisure Allstars – Get Your Hands In The Air
The Gaff – Do That Thing
Breakestra – Getcho Soul Togetha
Freedom – Get Up And Dance
The Bamboos – Step It Up (Inst)
Chill Rob G Let – The Words Flow (Acc)
Charlie Calello Orchestra – Sing Sing Sing
James Brown – Get Up Offa That Thing
Queen Latifah – Dance For Me
David Bowie – Let’s Dance
West Street Mob – Let’s Dance (Make Your Body Move)
Young MC – Bust A Move
Locksmith – Unlock The Funk
Sir Jarvis – You’d Better Shake
Flying Fish – Sing It Loud
DJ Sora – Dance With Sora
Mophono – Tighten Up
DJ Pnutz – Play That Beat Mrs. DJ
The Allergies – Dance Now
Black Joe Lewis – Come To My Party
DJ Benny Ben – Set Off The Planet
Wack Wack Rhythm Band – Dumb It Down
Junior Senior – Move Your Feet
Anita Ward – Ring My Bell
Redtruck Express Band – Got To Give It Up
The Clash – Rock The Casbah
Smoove & Turrell – Don’t Go
Ryan Shaw – Do The 45

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