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TANIKA CHARLES: Tell Me Something (video)

TANIKA CHARLES: Tell Me Something (video)Tanika Charles follows up the brace of dancefloor stormers delivered on last single Love Overdue with her latest drop, soul slowie Tell Me Something. Apparently it’s about that, “moment in every new relationship when you need to establish what exactly the status is. Hopefully you arrive at that point at the same time, but sometimes one of you needs a little extra encouragement. Maybe even an ultimatum?” Reminds you of that old surf t-shirt design doesn’t it – ‘my girlfriend says if I go surfing one more time, she’ll leave me…gosh, I’ll miss her’ – ooops – I mean, yes, Tanika, you’re the one. No, seriously! Perhaps a video might persuade that bloke to finally commit? Footage of Tanika in front of the mirror putting on her ‘face.’ That’s right, you’re a queen girl! Her at bar not getting the right amount of attention? Damn! That boy doesn’t know what’s good for him! Her rocking the mic, all-afro-ed out and doing her best early 70s Diana Ross impression with a stern talkie bit at the end? Oohh – now you’re in trouble son – you can’t say there haven’t been warning signs.
(Out now on Record Kicks)

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