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DUCT TAPE: 13th Floor (2017)

Berlin-based psych duo Batsauce and Wynton Kelly Stevenson are on their second album, 13th Floor, but things are much funkier than on debut Less We Can

DALINDEO: Slavic Souls (2016)

“What’s not to like about a melancholic party song?” says Dalindeo band leader Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen of the Finnish band’s new LP described in the


You’ve got to admire Restless Soul Fun Band’s grimly tenacious determination to have fun. It’s in the name for starters – of both the ‘band’

RIM KWAKU OBENG: Rim Arrives (2015)

Rim Arrives! Now there’s a title to conjure with. But let’s not go there – for the two-track album sampler for Rim Kwaku Obeng’s soon-to-be-re-released

VURSATYL: It’s Nothin’ (2015) + video

[RATING: 5] The first single off Crooked Straights, the debut full-length effort from Lifesavas rapper Vursatyl was the best cut on the LP, Bring It

VURSATYL: Crooked Straights (2015)

Rapper Vursatyl has long demonstrated his skills and adaptability on the mic (he’s been in the game for nearly a quarter of a century) as