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T BIRD & THE BREAKS: Waxin b/w No Diggity (2013) Free download + video

[RATING: 5] It’s summer, it’s hot and here’s consistently dope Texan funk crew T Bird & The Breaks to send the sexual temperature rising too. Waxin’ turns on an insistent pulsing b-line and is ostensibly (not to mention ironically, since this is a digital single) all about T Bird’s old lady’s obsession with records. But with a hook like, “I wanna go waxin daddy” it’s clear she’s after more than vinyl inches. The ‘flip’ is their dirty low n slow take on Black Street’s No Diggity a slo-mo bump n grind sure to make shorty get down and send the mercury spurting out of the top of the thermometer. Or something. Cop both tracks below and check the funky love in the video below that…

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