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T BIRD & THE BREAKS: Justine (2014)

Justine T Bird The BreaksGood news! Texan chunk-funk outfit T Bird & The Breaks have a new LP out in the near future. Just in case you forgot about what an ear they’ve got for a tune and classic lyrics or the comforting rasp of T Bird’s bourbon-soaked vocals – here’s the video for the advance single off Harmonizm. Basically, T Bird reveals (in a swinging Texas soul stylee) how he’s been given the runaround by one Justine and doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. Still – at least he hasn’t been given the runaround by ‘Christine’ – there’s nothing worse than ending up on the shitlist of a demonically possessed ’58 Plymouth Fury. Check out the single and T Bird and bassist Cody Furr’s handmade animated visuals below…

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