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T BIRD & THE BREAKS: I Gets My Boogie On (Mako & The Hawk remix) (2013)

(PRESS RELEASE) Ladies and gentleman, fetch your dancing shoes – it’s the brand-new, debut official remix from dj/ production duo Mako & The Hawk who rework I Gets My Boogie On by Texan funk crew T Bird & The Breaks on a grand scale. Evoking shades of Coldcut’s version of Eric B & Rakim’s Paid In Full and Primal Scream’s Loaded, the reflective gospel-tinged soul of the original becomes an epic slice of dancefloor gospel-funk driven by a monster old school breakbeat with a single thought in mind…making you get your boogie on. Lordy lord – break me off a piece of that cheese!

Soundcloud preview and juno player below plus bandcamp player of the band’s original version, track feedback from the likes of Craig Charles BBC6 Funk & Soul Show producer, Smoove, and Nick Recordkicks below that
(Out 29 April on Tour Of Booty Records)

Feedback for T Bird & The Breaks – I Gets My Boogie On (Mako & The Hawk remix):

It is a no brainer! Totally suited to the show 100%!!!!! When you are ready please e-mail me a copy and will get it playlisted! Thanks very much for this, excellent!!!!
Simon Hodge (producer, Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show, BBC Radio 6)

Bloody hell this is amazing! Love it, full support, I’m all over this one thanks for the heads up!
Smoove (Smoove & Turrell)

“Stormer version, really nice well done”
Nick Recordkicks (Record Kicks)

Will play that for sure. Good work
Slim Goodgroove

Y’all’s remix is fire!!
Sammy P (T Bird & The Breaks)

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