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T BIRD & THE BREAKS: The Piano Joint – 2010 – Single review

[rating: 5]

The band with more members than there are people in the state of Texas continues an ongoing campaign to deliver one slice of funk every month. It’s a turnaround time which, on the evidence of these drops, doesn’t seem to be causing them any creative problems at all. Indeed – this is the best one yet. Lest the name itself fail to provide a sizeable hint as to what you’re likely to hear, let me describe The Piano Joint simply as a gospel-tinged groove that provides a pleasing counterpoint to singer Tim Crane’s raspy vocals over a rather sizeable breakbeat that wishes it was around 20 years ago so that Eric B could have sampled it. Oh yeah – and it’s got a piano on it. If that isn’t enough for you – and god knows it should be – you’ve got B side Mr Rockwell which recalls early G Love & Special Sauce only with more groove. Have that!

Listen to T-Bird & The Breaks – Piano Joint b/w Mr Rockwell

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