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SWING NINJAS: My Belle – FRESHLY SQUEEZED remix competition (2016)

Swing Ninjas Remix Freshly SqueezedAlright – who likes to swing? No, not that kind – don’t be immature. I’m on about the electro-swing kind. Why? Because label Freshly Squeezed are offering up the stems of Swing Ninjas’ jaunty My Belle for all comers to have a go at. Actually that does sound a bit like the other kind of swinging after all doesn’t it? Although, truth be told, if you’re on a remix tip you don’t even have to be a full-on swing ninja do you? This could end up being less ‘My Belle’ than ‘Ma Belle – I’ve got the ill communication’ – right golden era boom-bap heads? Anyway, the comp. runs until 14 March this year so you’ve got plenty of time to get your end away – oops – I mean get your remix in. Cop the stems HERE and submit HERE. Fanny’s your aunt, Bob’s your mother’s brother. Original below for reference.

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