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SWAY: Mercedes Benz – 2009 – Single review

[rating: 3.5]

Not an ‘urban’ re-working of the Janis Joplin track (though that would have been amusing), Sway is right there at the cutting edge of grime with this Marva Whitney-sampling ‘joint’. Unwind Yourself was already two decades old when Mark The 45 King made it the basis of his 1987 hip-hop classic The 900 Number. And then Chad Jackson used it for 1990’s Hear The Drummer Get Wicked. And then DJ Kool used it for 1997’s Let Me Clear My Throat. Not an underused sample then. So what’s new? Apart from a suspiciously jiggy rhyme, this also differs in having a crappy ‘horn-in-a-can’ sound, and for once the bpms are about the same as the loop’s original source. Still, you can expect it to drive straight through the front window of whatever passes for the ‘pop’ charts these days. Anyone else think grime’s dead though? The sample on this one, Kano on a track re-using the Apache break last year and that bloody Chipmunk track ruining the only good song ever by Elton John…
Out 26 October on Dcypha – video below…

Sway – Myspace

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