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STOOP KIDS: ‘Stoop Life’ video (2013)

I’m now experiencing the weather I was imagining when I first posted about New Orleans ‘doo-hop’ outfit Stoop Kids back in March so this video to Stoop Life, my favourite track off their What A World LP couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune time. It’s too hot to be bouncing around at the minute. We all know how that ends up right? It’s all dehydration headache, sweaty pits and your underwear riding up into your ass-crack. We’ve all been there. What you need is some of this – the audio-visual embodiment of a warm but refreshing summer breeze. One for those days when you too, can rise at gone four in the afternoon with a pair of chick’s panties in your mouth and cook breakfast in just your underwear and a fur coat and know that everything is right with the world…

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