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STICKYBUDS & BOBBY C feat. JUNGLE BROTHERS: Party Remedy (2013) Free download

The fertile sonic soil of BC yields another crop in the form of this free download from Stickybuds and Bobby C. There’s something of both a funk and hip-hop pedigree here since the beat features horns and bass from the Fatback Band’s Got To Learn How To Dance recreated in a different key by Stickybuds, finished with drums from Bobby C and topped off with a chopped up Jungle Brothers acapella from their Play On track with Rae & Christian. In particular it isolates the JBs’ slightly nonsensical verse lyric, “It’s the remedy to keep the party lively” for the hook. One doesn’t like to be pedantic but clearly nobody ever told Mike Gee and Sammy B that a remedy wouldn’t keep a party lively, it would be administered to make a party lively once more. One can however be reasonably certain that this would both keep a party lively or reboot a flagging one. Cop it below:

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