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STEPPA STYLE: See The World (2014)

See The World Steppa StyleRussian mafi-er – reggae don, Steppa Style, will be inviting all and sundry to See The World shortly as he regales us with the authentic sound of Moscow reggae and dancehall music on his new album which, perhaps unexpectedly, sounds a lot like Jamaican reggae and dancehall music. And when I say ‘a lot’ I mean ‘identical to.’ Forget vodka-soaked atonal mumbling, this is all ganja-powered vocal bass rumbling. And I’ll lay you nine dancehall cuts, six reggae cuts and two ragga jungle cuts that nobody could pick this as the Russian out of a line-up otherwise consisting of Jamaican releases. In fact, as far as you’re concerned, this release is positively redolent of hot Caribbean beaches, sweaty clubs, string vests, dreadlocks and massive joints. And women’ shaking their batties in ridiculously skimpy hot pants. Don’t forget the batties.

Guest vocals come from the likes of Skarra Mucci, Kris Kelli, Solo Banton and Deadly Hunta while highlights include uptempo skank Gunman with its smoking Hammond bridge and warning about the dangers of firearms (surely not in Russia?), the old school raggamuffin meets twenty-first century bass vibe of Call Me Phone and the chugging bass judder of Jungle Rebel. Towering even above these however is the irie positivity of reggae number Food Of Love which might even get them shaking their batties in skimpy hotpants in midwinter Moscow…
(Out 8 December on Irish Moss Records)

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