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STEELY CHAN: They Reminisce Over Slingshot (Pete Rock & CL Smooth vs Lefties Soul Connection) + (2011) Free download

Meet Steely Chan. As if the genre of old school hip-hop wasn’t funky enough, they’ve been adding to the critical mass of dope shit on a weekly basis. Lately this involves locating any classic emcee action from back in the day that the producer palmed off with a less than ‘take it to the bridge’ beat and rectifying matters. And it seems that they’ve been sourcing such beats from the back catalogue of Lefties Soul Connection and soul survivor Lee Fields’ backing band The Expressions. It was only a week or so ago that I copped their Das EFX/ Lefties Soul Connnection mash Real Paul Newman Hip-Hop for example and now they’ve only gone and topped that with a Pete Rock & CL Smooth/ Lefties Soul Connection banger – They Reminisce Over Sling Shot and it’s the fucking bomb. Captain the decks cannae take it! Find and download both named tracks on the players below but don’t be lazy arse – make sure you check out their soundcloud too…they’ve got enough on there for an album and it’s all quality.

Pete Rock, CL Smooth & Lefties Soul Connection – They Reminisce Over Sling Shot (Steely Chan Blend) by Steely Chan

Das EFX & Lefties Soul Connection – Real Paul Newman Hip Hop (Steely Chan’s Blender Mash) by Steely Chan

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