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STEELY CHAN: Biggie Smalls vs. The Soul Snatchers ‘Juicy Sniffin’ (Steely Chan’s Blender Mash)(2012) Free download

The best of the recent tracks in their endless output of hip-hop mashups, Juicy Sniffin finds Steely Chan depositing lyrical don Biggie Smalls on top of neo-funky-soul outfit the Soul Snatchers. Musically that is – not actually since a) Biggie was notoriously (see what I did there?) a fat bastard and there’s no way you’d be playing anything funky (or otherwise) with him sat on top of you and b) because some prick shot him which means he’s dead which means he can’t be physically deposited on top of anyone – so why are you going on about it? You weren’t? Oh whatever – someone really should put some of these Steely Chan cuts out on wax…

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