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SOUL FLIP EDITS 11: Can’t You See You’re Losing Me/ Uncle Willie Good Time(Prod. DJAR ONE)(Vinyl 7″)

SOUL FLIP EDITS 11Soul Flip Edits 11 is something of a musical paradox being both the much delayed eleventh volume in Del Gazeebo and Aldo Vanucci’s excellent funk and soul edits series and approximately the millionth Djar One release this year – with more still to come. The man must live like the Road Runner – always moving at maximum velocity and only glimpsed as a blur in the distance, a trail of 45 disco bags and 7″ mailer tear strips floating to the ground behind him. Even his music’s fast!  Take these two edits for example, a 147 bpm breakbeat refix of Mary Wells’ northern soul heater Can’t You See You’re Losing Me and 135 bpm re-souled Astors rarity Uncle Willie Good Time. Man, that is fast for funk and soul. It’s even got the big thumbs-up from Smoove – no slouch himself when it comes to releases or tempos.
(Out 15 January on Soul Flip Edits)

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