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SNOOP DOGG: Drop It Like It’s Hot (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Pastel Pimp remix)

SNOOP DOGG: Drop It Like It's Hot (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Pastel Pimp remix)Pastel Pimp remix? I like the sound of that. And what more appropriate title could there be for a remix of Snoop’s planet-sized hit which replaces the original beat with a seventies-sampling frankenstein’s monster of a groove that nabs bits of soundtrack from The Mack, Carwash, Magnum Force and Rollerball? I like the sound of that too. Swirling wah-wah, rolling funk drums, piano tinkles – why it’s an object lesson in how to do a premium standard concept rerub which is why it’ll be no surprise to learn that the personage responsible is that man Rhythm Scholar. As promised, this is the second of today’s Snoop Dogg rerubs with the added bonus that this badboy is gratis – cop it HERE.

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