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SMUGGLER BROTHERS: In The City/ Jam (Vinyl 7″)

SMUGGLER BROTHERS: In The City/ Jam (Vinyl 7Surely few cities could be more appropriate for a band named Smuggler Brothers to hail from than the Mafia-associated Palermo, Sicily – for that is indeed their base. And the contraband in which they trade? Why sixties and seventies crime-flick soundtrack-influenced material of course! Hold on a minute though, aren’t they treading on someone else’s toes here? Don’t a certain Calibro 35 have control of this side of the musical underground from their own headquarters in Milan? Perhaps we’re looking at some sort genre turf war? Oh wait – it’s ok – looks like Calibro 35’s very own Massimo Martellotta is Smuggler Brothers’ northern connect and not only co-wrote but also produced both tracks on this 45. The A side is In The City which turns on rolling funk drums with tense guitars and organ hunting each other in and out of the mix while a sax occasionally makes a nonchalant appearance in the background. And if In The City is the chase theme, the throbbing bass, sparse sax and tense organ antics of flip Jam is the stakeout – just to make sure you get the full experience of being Dario Maltese, Mafia Detective!
(Out now on Schema Records)

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