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SMOOVE: Wack Dynamite + Wack 14 7″(2014)

Wack Dynamite Smoove[RATING: 5] Now then. Who’s been a busy boy? That’ll be Smoove, with a fistful of Wack Dynamite. And I don’t mean damp squibs. Au contraire, I mean no fewer than seven party-smashing mash-ups from an old hand who proves once more that he’s not just a purveyor of world-beating original neo-disco and soul. Eddie Bird, Bob Marley, De La Soul, Michael Jackson, the Rocky Theme and LL Cool J go into the mix (among others) and every one of these is primed to detonate perfectly. He’s even made it so that you’ve got everything from peak-time bangers (Big Bird finally getting its release as predicted back in August, De La Marley, Music’s Taking Over and yet another version of I’m A B-Boy), to the sublime (the jazzy cool of One More To Grow On), to the drunk-o-clock ridiculous – Rocky’s Knockout. Oh and there’s also an extra special signature drums of death cut – handily entitled Drums Of Death. Light the fuse and run for cover! P.s. You might also like to know there’s a Wack 7″ featuring Smoove’s Big Bird on one side and The Allergies’ kindred spirit Heartbreaker on the flip…
(Out now on Wack Records)

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