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SMOOVE & TURRELL: Slow Down/ In Deep (2012)

Slow Down might be the first-named track on the cover but this one’s all about the neo-disco adventures of coal-soul duo Smoove & Turrell with their ‘creators-of-Last-Night-A-DJ-Saved-My-Life’-referencing In Deep. How deep? Balls deep my friends! We’re not just flirting with the bouncer at Studio 54 here either – more attempting to storm the doors with no fewer than seven remixes (from the likes of Diesler, Kraak & Smak, DJ Friction and Smoove himself) plus the original radio edit, plus the radio edit and brand new acoustic version of Slow Down. Employing a smoother sound for their second LP Eccentric Audio has worked wonders for the pair for their second album and in the last year their star has risen meteorically. Now, instead of playing to one old man, his pint of dark ale and a cleaner in northern working men’s clubs they’ve become the darlings of Radio 2, and gained international renown. Should you wish to check these two out up close and personal like, I am reliably informed that they are playing London at the Floridita this Thursday, 9 Feb. – more info HERE.
(Out soon on Jalapeno. Date to follow.)

IN DEEP (SMOOVE RETOUCH) by Smoove & Turrell

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