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SMOOVE: Multitrack Reworks Vol. 5 (Vinyl 12″)

So successful are Smoove’s multi-track reworks, he should probably be in charge of the UK rail network because it’s time for Multitrack Reworks Vol. 5 already! And this time the man they call ‘Berry Geordie’ (or at least the man the monkey calls ‘Berry Geordie’) trips to the disco with Everyman, doubly exposing his A-side source material via the medium of the remix. It’s a monster. Where does he go from there? Well, like the band said, “It’s on you, pick and choose where you want to go in life,” and where Smoove picks and chooses to go is planet Marvin, to sort out a drums heavy re-boot of I Want You. And you just know you’re going to want that in the right way! Ooh-ooh, ooh!
(Out now on Multitrack Reworks)

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